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We provide icebreaking in the water area of the Freeport of Riga and its approaches to ensure continuous and safe operation of the port during the ice navigation conditions. To provide this service, we use ice-class vessel LĪVA.

Icebreaking in the Gulf of Riga up to the Irbe Strait is ensured with the only icebreaker in Latvia – VARMA.

During the summer period, we carry out functional maintenance of icebreakers to ensure their proper technical condition and readiness to provide support for the vessels calling the port in winter.

Taking into consideration the strategic, historical and emotional value of the vessel, we invite you to use this unique opportunity created by the Riga Freeport Authority to visit the icebreaker VARMA on a virtual tour, to get on board and to listen to the stories of the crew.

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The icebreaker “Varma” was built in Finland in 1968 at the Hietalahti shipyard by order of the Finnish National Navigation Administration. An icebreaker has been operated by the Riga Port Authority since 1996, breaking ice and escorting vessels through the Gulf of Riga in particularly severe winters and complicated winter navigation conditions. Before operating in Riga, the icebreaker was employed in the Arctic waters. VARMA fulfills not only a technical function, it also has a special and important place in the historical heritage of Latvia and the Freeport of Riga.The icebreaker VARMA has participated in various important events for Latvia by presenting the Freeport of Riga and by promoting the maritime traditions of Latvia.
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The vision of LVR Fleet is to be the highest quality port technical service provider in Latvia
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