Pilot transfer

We provide pilot transfer services both on water and land with our own resources.

For water based transfer we use five state-of-art pilot boats - DINA, DAINA, DACE, DĒKLA and DORE .

We provide pilot transfer service 24/7.

Hydrographical services

Hydrographical measurement plans are used by Harbour Master for traffic management and navigation safety purposes, including the identification of dangerous to navigation underwater objects.

In addition to the preparation of measurement plans, our task is to participate in the planning and control of port waterways dredging works until their full completion.


  • depth measurements in water-bodies
  • data processing
  • preparation of depth measurement plans
  • maintaining a depth measurement database
  • data visualisation
  • identification and presentation of underwater objects dangerous to navigation
  • preparation of technical tasks for dredging works
  • geodetic surveying of shoreline and hydro-technological structures
  • surveying of the structure of underwater part of hydro-technological structures and data visualisation

We use specially equipped hydrographical vessels LĪNE, LĪVA and GALEON GALIA to read the measurements under the water.

Accident consequences elimination

Safety and care for the environment are the integral principles in our operation. They are also essential preconditions for continuous and effective operation of the port.

In the event of an accident or emergency, the timely response and immediate elimination of the consequences of the accident are required.

In cooperation with Port Police and the Harbour Master, we ensure the elimination of the consequences of accidents on water 24/7.

We provide the service on the water with a vessel FLORA-1, which is equipped with all the necessary equipment- absorbents, booms, and other materials for pollutant collection. Our employees are professionally trained to perform work for liquidation of oil spills and other pollution.

In case of emergency, other vessels of RBF are involved to:

  • participate in fire-fighting 
  • participate in rescue operations
  • participate in the collection of oil spills in the aquatorium of the Freeport of Riga.



We perform icebreaking in the aquatorium of the Freeport of Riga to ensure continuous and safe operation of the port during the ice navigation conditions.

During the summer period, we carry out the functional maintenance works of icebreakers to ensure their proper technical condition and readiness to provide the support for the vessels during the winter period.

The icebreaking in the port of Riga and the Gulf of Riga to Irbe Strait or Cape Kolka is done with the icebreakers VARMA and FOROS.

Vessel charter

To apply for a short-term charter of the RBF vessels, please, read and fill in the form – Application for the use of vessels. Please send the completed and electronically signed application form to . If you have any questions, please contact RBF by e-mail or by calling 27115262 or 29461132.

Application (in Latvian)
Tariffs (in Latvian)

Tugboat charter

The tugboats “Santa” and “Stella” are among the most up-to-date and high-powered in the Baltic Sea region. Built at the Riga Shipyard in 2008. “Santa” and “Stella” are ice class tugboats with azimuthal rear drive; they are able to break 70 centimetre thick ice; traction in mooring condition is at least 60 tons; the total engine capacity - 5000 hp. The tugboats are equipped with “Rolls – Royce” screws and water-cannon devices.

The tugboats are equipped with modern navigation and radio communication facilities; comprehensive and efficient fire fighting equipment to be used for fire extinguishing both at sea and ashore; floating boom technology for localisation of oil products and elimination works in emergency situations, including ice breaking in the mouth of the Daugava River and the Port territory.

While performing routine operations - servicing of vessels, the tugboats use modern navigation and and communication facilities; their crews comprise high-class professionals who have a good knowledge of the Riga Port aquatorium fairways and their peculiarities.

We are proud that we can take care of the safety of our Port and work with tugboats manufactured in Latvia - they are among the most high-powered in the Baltics and able to provide safe navigation even for the very biggest vessels in the Port of Riga.

Port infrastructure management

We provide management and maintenance functions for the port infrastructure on behalf of the Freeport of Riga Authority. The port infrastructure includes buildings, structures and related engineering communications, as well as hydro-technical structures, berths, waterways and aquatorium.

The total area of the port of Riga and its aquatorium is 6 348 hectares that includes a large part of the Riga city. Port area includes waterways, roads and railway system. For this complex mechanism to operate and effectively used by port companies and clients, RBF performs following functions:

  • Maintenance and servicing of electric installations;
  • Monitoring of the technical condition of sanitary facilities and their servicing;
  • Maintenance of the unleased territories of the Freeport of Riga, green areas located in the territory of the port, public roads and pedestrian sidewalks;
  • Inspection of the technical condition of hydro-technical structures and other infrastructures related to the operation of the port, including lighthouses, assessment of their technical condition and performance of related work. At the request of Freeport of Riga Authority, we also participate in the development of infrastructure facilities;
  • Management of the railway infrastructure of the Freeport of Riga Authority and the buildings and structures necessary for their functioning;
  • Maintenance and servicing of the equipment of technical safety system;
  • Port infrastructure is an economy whose maintenance is often also affected by unforeseen factors, such as weather conditions. Thus, we are ready to provide solutions for non-standard situations as well.


We provide territory management service with our own technical and personnel resources. Outsourcing, selected in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the law, is partially used for the management of the facilities.

Construction supervision of port facilities

The most valuable resource of the RĪGAS BRĪVOSTAS FLOTE is the professional competence and experience of its employees. On behalf of the port authority we have carried out the construction and building supervision of port facilities in the Freeport of Riga.


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